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Dear friend,

 I feel for you.

 You probably took a corporate job because the money was good. You thought you would climb up the ladder and live a happy retirement.

 Many people have fallen into that trap, only to find themselves stuck in a meaningless job, getting their way from one mind-blowingly boring meeting to the next.

 And to some extent, the corporate world still has a lot to offer. Women are now able to earn a decent living without having to rely on their husband. You do feel more secure in a job than trying to make money on your own.

 However, that sense of security is an illusion. Nobody is immune to a layoff plan. And how safe do you really feel when it’s such a drag to just get up to face an hour long commute and go to work?
You Have Merit Though...

Climbing the corporate ladder takes hard work. But are things really as you had imagined them?

 Is the big office and the skyline view really that fulfilling?

 Was that really what your younger self wanted, or is it what society said was the right thing to do?

 And I know it’s a tough choice. This is why most people in corporate jobs feel trapped. They hate every minute of it.

They can’t wait for the weekend to come so they can sedate in alcohol and junk food, but money is coming at the end of the month.

 It pays the bills, the expensive house, the children’s private school.

 You are now being kept into a living standard you don’t want to get out of.
And I understand...
The tales of foreclosures of people who quit their jobs and then have to suffer foreclosure and bankruptcy don’t paint a pretty picture of self employment.

 That’s because many people have tried to leave without having the right mindset and support in place before they left.

 The horror these people have to go though is not because it’s impossible to make it as entrepreneur.

It’s because you can’t go in there with an employee's mindset.

 That’s where I come in…

But we’ll talk about that later…

 Let’s talk about your current life.

 I imagine you want to keep your nice house, and still want your children to go to a private school.

Well, I have good news for you.
Quitting your job doesn’t mean you will have to watch your savings drain away.

 It doesn’t mean you will have to trade your current job for a business you will work equally hard for.


 Let’s face it. You’re a smart person. You know all the “get rich quick” gurus are scammers.

You know that building an additional income stream is not that easy.

However, it can be done, and it can be scaled up. And unlike most mainstream gurus, I’m not gonna tell you that you can get rich in 3 months with hardly any work…

 I wish it was possible… 

But before the situation looks hopeless to you, let me reassure you and say that if you’re patient enough, you can plan a great escape route.

What I’m about to reveal here is what most self-help gurus don’t want you to see.
Under the promises of 6-figure funnels and business models, they forget one thing.

You’re living a rather expensive life.

Sure, you can quit your job tomorrow and you may be able to make ends meet soon, but it’s unlikely if you don’t have the right escape plan.

You may not even know what you’ll end up doing yet.

 And since I don’t want you to give up your house, and all your years of savings to get your freedom back, I’m gonna tell you something few people would be ready to tell you.

 Don’t quit your job!


Building a freedom based lifestyle business takes a bit of time, and you can’t build it properly from a place of scarcity.

Trust me. I’ve tried… 

To build a business that will fulfill you 10 times more than your current job and provide you with even more financial security, you need to minimize financial stress.

 That doesn’t mean it’s gonna be a walk in the park, or that there won’t be tough moments, but you don’t want to have to crawl back to a corporate job because what your tried out didn’t work immediately.

 You see, a freedom business is a game of trial and error at first. You will learn a lot about yourself, but you’ll have to be ready to make a few mistakes to make it work.

You need to completely divorce from the concept of perfectionism that is so dear to the corporate world.

 However, there is something that will get you where you want to be much faster than if you did it on your own…
Yes, I meant me!
I’m launching this program because I’m tired of seeing unhappy and unfulfilled people.

 I have children myself and I know that the time away from them is time I will never ever get back.
OK, who am I?
I didn’t try to climb the corporate ladder at any point in my life. I’ve been coached and have coached people who have, but I could never have brought myself into it.

 I came close to a corporation in my early days as a personal trainer and quickly got away. I just can’t do meetings and hate being told what to do…

 Only I made a crucial mistake when I went out on my own...

I tried to build a brick and mortar business that I thought would be a lifestyle business… Boy did I get disappointed…

 The overhead was extremely stressful. Every month I had the impression of never paying myself. All the hours I put in were to pay for the business expenses.

 I quickly realized what a fool I had been in my hurry… This is when I launched my side hustle online. I then discovered how powerful the internet was.

I had buyers from Lithuania, Greece, and even Russia.

 The internet allowed me to touch lives I would never have touched otherwise.

Not that there was no struggle. I made a lot of mistakes when I started that (mistakes you will avoid if you have me on your side by the way).
The First Dollars Are Yours To Enjoy...
However, since having an online business doesn’t require a big overhead, you can make money from the first dollars you make.

 And the feeling is amazing.

 Even the first $100 feel good online because you made the money all by yourself, in the comfort of your own home.

 And the other beauty of an online business is that it’s not limited by geography. You can scale up almost indefinitely.

 Now I’m not gonna promise millions because, quite frankly, I have never made millions online.

However, you can absolutely earn as much as in corporate America by working less than 4 hours per day. You will be able to see your kids whenever you want to.

You can start that sport you refused yourself because you didn’t have time. And you can take that a vacation with your family without wondering if you’ve become replaceable.

People in a corporate job are functional.

The boss is quite happy to have them as long the job they do can’t be done by someone cheaper or a software.

 However, being functional in your industry means becoming replaceable. As soon as you “cost more than you should,” you become a liability.

 And let’s face it, how many lay offs have you witnessed since you took that job?
You Need To Become Vital...
If you want true security, you need to become vital.

When you become a force to be reckoned with, even in a small industry, opportunities come to you. And it doesn’t need to take long to achieve that.

 All it takes is 5 simple steps we go through in the coaching program and you will become vital rather than functional.


Softwares are taking over. Even the largest corporations are letting people go because they can automate processes with softwares where they needed humans before.

 You are a talented person.

You know what work ethics means.

These qualities are invaluable, even if the corporate world is beginning to turn away from them.

Rather than watching the whole process happen and becoming a victim, I say channel that hard-working talent of yours for something you love, something you can make even more money out of... 

 And more importantly, something that doesn’t take away your time as much.
The first step for any online entrepreneur is to separate the notion of time from the notion of money.

 Time is not money.

 Time is a finite resource.

Money is not.

 You only have 24 hours in a day and the years that have passed you will never get back.

That’s why it’s important to act now.

Think about all the moments you missed with your children. You’re never getting them back.

Sorry to be so harsh with you but it’s the truth.

 Yet there is something you can do right now to make the most of the years to come.

You can prepare to escape from the corporate world to finally free your time without sacrificing your income.
Sorry, I Don't Do Hype
Now I could use catch phrases like “6-figure income working 4 hours a week,” like all the other gurus out there, but I’m not about hype.

 I am confident you will eventually be able to make 6 figures from your online based freedom business, but these things take time at first.

 I prefer talking about the process.

Once you understand the process, you can make any money you want to make.

 The first step is to create a powerful message built around your personality that will allow you to shine as the go-to person for solving a specific problem. This step is crucial and will determine the audience you build.

 The second step is to understand that audience and solve problems with products and services.

At first, that will cost you time, until you can automate and outsource more and more tasks.

 The third step is to test your profits from your products and services and scale up when you make more money than you put in.
I Have No Hero's Journey To Tell You...
As you see, it’s very simple on paper, and scaling an audience is exponential. Unlike time for money, which is always linear by definition, these three steps will bring you an exponential income.

 And while that is good news, it also means you have to be ready to be slow at the start before you can gather momentum.

 That’s why I don’t make any promise of income and will never tell you to quit your job if you are going to operate from a place a scarcity afterwards.

 While you will find a lot of guru stories with the “hero’s journey,” sleeping in their car until they had their famous breakthrough, there are also people who have planned out their escape and switched from a 9 to 5 job to a freedom based business without going through all that trouble.
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